Sunday, 24 September 2017

Welcome from Heidi!

A warm welcome to Hong Kong Academy and beautiful Sai Kung!

On behalf of HKA, I would like to welcome all schools to the 2017 ACAMIS Gold Division Volleyball tournament. What a fantastic opportunity for HKA to host this tournament with such excellent, talented players and coaches on campus.

Many hours have been sacrificed by both players and coaches along with all the good, bad and ugly moments to prepare for these couple of days. It is therefore, truly an honour to host you. A big thank you also goes out all the HKA staff and wider community for their contribution towards organising this event.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all players and coaches a successful tournament. I trust that you will push yourselves to excel in the spirit of the competition and conduct yourselves in the time-honoured tradition of sportsmanship. We hope that the players will have good competition, fair play, memorable social interactions, learning opportunities but above all - fun!

Good luck to all teams, and I look forward to a great tournament as well as all the experiences that go with ACAMIS sporting events.

Mrs Heidi Boshoff
Tournament Director/Athletics Director
Hong Kong Academy